Remembering Christmas

Christmas is over and I wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year.

Now the celebrations are a fading memory, the decorations suddenly seem out of place and redundant.  But before we pack the tree away for another year, I thought I’d dig out my tripod and macro lens, and capture images of some of the prettiest baubles in all their glittery glory.

A selection of these are shown below.  If they make you feel nostalgic for turkey, tinsel and too much wine, don’t worry, it will be Christmas again before you know it!!

Red Bauble and Tree

A rich red bauble and wooden figure hanging on a Christmas tree.


Silver Bauble and Fairy Lights.

A glittery silver bauble on a Christmas tree, with fairy lights in the background.


Christmas - Transparent Bauble Detail

Detail of a small transparent Christmas tree bauble, capturing the red tone of nearby fairy lights.


Christmas - Silver Bauble

Hovering in the darkness, like some icy planet surrounded by fiery stars, is a silver bauble on a Christmas tree.

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